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Food Irradiation

The irradiation of foods with ionising rays is a method used to extend shelf lives. For herbs and spices, irradiation, which has to be labelled on the packaging in most countries, is applied with gamma rays to reduce germs. One method for detecting radiation treatment in herbs, spices or herbal medicines is to measure the thermoluminescence of mineral traces.

Comprehensive database

If the product has been treated with ionising rays, the light emitted when heating the isolated minerals can be mapped in the form of a characteristic glow curve. To normalise the signal, the isolated minerals are subjected to re-irradiation and measured once again. As part of a research project in cooperation with the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg in Germany, PhytoLab has examined a broad spectrum of herbs and spices using the thermoluminescence procedure and thus compiled a comprehensive database for the applicability of the methods. So you will always be on the safe side and we will find out on your behalf whether or not herbs or extracts have been irradiated.