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Heavy Metals

Every year, PhytoLab analyses more than 5,000 herbal samples for lead, cadmium, mercury and other metals. We perform measurements for more than 40 different elements altogether in this field. We carry out heavy metal analyses with detection limits in the ppm to ppb range. In doing so, we use classic atomic absorption spectrometry (AAS), with measurement methods including the graphite furnace technique, cold vapour technique and flame technique. In addition to these, we apply an ICP MS method (mass spectrometer with inductively coupled plasma), which has even lower detection and quantification limits and also allows several elements to be detected simultaneously.

This dual line of heavy metal analysis makes it possible for us to detect metals using two different methods if necessary and thus validate the results. When analysing botanicals for pharmaceuticals production, we can also offer you ICH-compliant matrix group validations for your marketing authorisation documents. It goes without saying that these meet the current requirements of the regulatory authorities.

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