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Expert Opinions Commissioned by You

For each application for marketing authorisation or registration of a herbal medicinal product, you need a Common Technical Document (CTD). On your behalf, PhytoLab establishes the expert reports for modules 2.4-2.7 as well as 4 and 5 in CTD format, for the approval or registration of phytopharmaceuticals, as well as herbal homeopathic medicines and anthroposophic preparations. Furthermore, for your products we also produce the texts for the packaging, summary of product characteristics and leaflet, and in cooperation with an external partner we coordinate the conduct of readability tests for you. In the case of specific problems, such as in the context of warnings, or proceedings for extension, opposition or legal action, our medical experts will produce scientifically sound expert opinions for you.
For foodstuffs too, for example in the case of EU application procedures for Novel Food, Health Claims or for an NDI (New Dietary Ingredient) in the USA, comprehensive medicinal-toxicological expert opinions are required today. With PhytoLab, you are in the best hands for this too.