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Benefits and Risks Weighed Up

A balanced relationship between risks and benefits is the basis for every medicine. But science is in a state of flux – and so are the principles for evaluating phytopharmaceuticals. In an ever more restrictive regulatory environment and a market characterised by increasing competition, specific data concerning the efficacy and safety of your products are gaining increasing importance.

Risk / benefit principle for foodstuffs too

Foodstuffs must be safe. Today, the bar is raised higher than ever before. But the health effects of foodstuffs are gaining increasing importance too. The principle of the risk / benefit balance thus also applies increasingly for foodstuffs, particularly food supplements. The comprehensive expertise of our team is available to you in this area too.

Recognising risks, exploiting potential

Whether they are medicines or foodstuffs – on the basis of our expertise and comprehensive research, we identify the potentials of your products and coordinate studies on efficacy / function and safety in cooperation with recognised testing institutes and experts.