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Microbiological purity

On account of their origins, natural products always show microbiological colonisation. Through optimum cultivation, drying and storage, attempts are made to keep this to a minimum. Within the scope of microbiological analysis, PhytoLab checks the total viable count, checks for the absence of pathogenic microorganisms – and identifies these by means of biochemical and molecular biological methods.

The results are evaluated according to recognised criteria. Thus for example we assess herbs and spices according to the guidelines of the DGHM (German Society for Hygiene and Microbiology), food teas according to the specifications of the EHIA (European Herbal Infusion Association, undefinedEHIA-Mibi-Data base), medicinal teas, drug and extract preparations as well as finished medicines according to corresponding categories of the European Pharmacopoeia. PhytoLab will of course be pleased to assist you in choosing the scope of microbiological testing and in the evaluation.