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Substances characterised in minute detail

Do you need an individual characterisation and qualification of your existing reference substances? PhytoLab will be pleased to offer you this service, fully tailored to meet your specific wishes, starting from straightforward determination of identity, through chromatographic purity testing, to complete primary standard documentation.

The right technology for each working step

For identification, at PhytoLab we back the NMR, MS, FT-IR, UV-Vis and TLC methods. We carry out content determinations and purity tests using HPLC, HPTLC and GC techniques, but UV-Vis measurements or titrations are also used. Ultimate analysis and the determination of water (according to Karl Fischer), residual solvents (headspace GC) and inorganic impurities (by means of ICP-MS) complete the range of analyses that we offer.

Efficient characterisation

Over and above this, we will support you in the identification and characterisation of indicator substances in your active ingredients or extracts. Isolation of the substance is often not even necessary here: by means of HPLC-MS coupling, we can frequently identify it after just minimal sample preparation.