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Dried herb preparations are used as active pharmaceutical ingredients (API), as flavoring agents and dyes in foodstuffs, for the enhancement of human physiological functions in food supplements, functional foods, and as zootechnical additives in animal nutrition, as well as in many other applications. All of these products must meet specific technical requirements for their plant-derived ingredients and the methods used to extract and test them, based on their intended use. They are also subject to product-specific regulatory standards. They all share the complexity of plant-based matrices and require specialized know-how in order to successfully tackle the technical, scientific, and regulatory challenges. At PhytoLab, we have been successfully providing sector- and product-specific solutions to our customers for decades.

Teas and beverages

PhytoLab is a market-leader in lab testing services for residues and contaminants in the dried botanicals and derived ingredients. From classic black or green tea and herbal/fruit infusions to extracts for ready-to-use drinks or instant beverages, herbal ingredients for these product groups must meet the highest purity criteria. With our cutting-edge equipment, best-in-class analytical expertise and deep regulatory knowledge, we are an experienced and reliable partner to our customers in tackling this increasingly difficult task.