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PhytoLab is an independent, accredited, and officially recognized test lab for herbal medicinal products, foodstuffs, animal nutrition and cosmetics. Our services include analysis, development, quality control, regulatory approval of herbal products at all processing stages and a comprehensive range of ultrapure herbal reference substances. A member of the nature network, we are committed to ensuring the quality, effectiveness and safety of herbal products, using world-class technology and drawing on our team’s long-standing expertise.

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Our services

Quality testing is a key component of quality assurance for all herbal products, as identity, purity, potency, and stability are indispensable parameters to ensure efficacy and safety. PhytoLab’s experienced team uses world-class technology — from classical pharmacognosy methods to state-of-the-art instrumental analyses — offering a wide range of options for testing your raw materials and products.


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Statutory requirements and consumer expectations demand the highest levels of reliability and experience in the analysis of residues and contaminants in herbal products. PhytoLab offers a comprehensive range of services concerning the analysis and evaluation of pesticides, mycotoxins, heavy metals and numerous other substances, also in highly sensitive product groups, such as organic foodstuffs and baby food.


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The ever-increasing requirements related to proving the quality, efficacy/effect, and safety of herbal products, foodstuffs or animal nutrition are preconditions for market access and marketability. We create custom solutions and tend to our customers’ projects during all phases of design, planning, implementation, and lifecycle management.


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The professional handling of safety information concerning herbal products requires medical and toxicological expertise, regulatory know-how, and deep knowledge of all aspects of herbal product quality. Our experts will provide you with a holistic evaluation for products already on the market or in the design and development phase.


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As a leading global manufacturer, PhytoLab offers over 1,500 comprehensively documented ultrapure herbal reference substances — from A for absinthin to Z for ziyuglycoside. We also draw up primary standard documentation for marketing authorization dossiers of phytopharmaceuticals. Upon request and based on your specifications, we can isolate and qualify plant-based compounds as reference substances.   Learn more

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Dried herb preparations are used in a wide variety of applications, from functional food enhancing human physiological functions to zootechnical additives for animal nutrition At PhytoLab, we understand our customers' needs and have been successfully providing sector- and product-specific solutions for decades.

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Quality and safety

Consumers and patients place great confidence in the sensitive natural products offered by our customers. In our role within the value chain, we bear considerable responsibility toward both our customers and end users. Our awareness of this responsibility informs our actions and drives the ongoing development of our quality management system.


The decisions we make today will have a major impact on the future of our world, which is why responsibility is more than a buzzword to us: it is the foundation of our actions. As part of a family-owned business with a global reach, we are deeply committed to sustainability.

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