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 Quality Control - phycheck®

At PhytoLab, phycheck® stands for comprehensive quality testing of botanicals, preparations, and finished products.

  • Identity
  • Purity
  • Potency
  • Microbiological tests
  • Stability
  • Method development and validation

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Trace Analysis - phytrace®

Statutory requirements and rising consumer expectations demand a high level of informative value and reliability in residue analysis. PhytoLab's phytrace® services encompass comprehensive analysis and evaluation of contaminants and residues in herbal products, including in highly sensitive product groups such as organic foods and baby food.

  • Heavy metals
  • Pesticides
  • Mycotoxins

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Regulatory Affairs - phyreg®

Our experienced phyreg® Team is a reliable partner for companies seeking market access for their herbal products. We draw on our wealth of experience to formulate bespoke solutions to complex challenges.

  • Individual dossiers
  • Marketing Authorization Procedures
  • Project coordination
  • Lifecycle management
  • Health claims

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Medical Affairs - phyguard®

Medicinal products must be effective and safe. Food must be risk free for the consumer. The benefits and risks of herbal products must be thoroughly assessed. Our phyguard® team provides advice and support for compliance with these requirements.

  • R&D support
  • Expert reports /CTD modules 2.4-2.7
  • Food safety

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Reference Substances - phyproof®

From analysis of botanicals, preparations or finished products to preclinical studies, phyproof® reference substances are your best choice for quality and reliability.

  • Reference substances
  • Primary standard documentation
  • On-demand isolation
  • Substance characterization
  • Webshop

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Expert reports

Professional reports by recognized, impartial experts are key to success. For example, expert reports in accordance with § 24 of the German Medicinal Products Law (AMG) are a prerequisite for obtaining marketing authorizations / registrations for herbal medicinal products.

PhytoLab's authoritative experts are at your disposal. Experience and expertise you can count on!

  • Analytical expert reports
  • Pharmacological/toxicological expert reports
  • Clinical expert reports
  • Arbitration opinions
  • Expert testimony in court
  • Marketability expert reports for medicinal products and food
  • Expert reports on the testing of official control samples for medicinal products (in accordance with § 65 (4) AMG) and foodstuffs (in accordance with Art. 4 LÜG - German Foodstuff Inspection Law)

Customer Service Center

At our Customer Service Center, experienced employees are on hand to ensure that our proposals are tailored to your requests and requirements. They can be reached for your every need, from when we receive your samples until we issue our test reports and certificates of analysis.

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