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Reference substances – documented and ultra-pure

Whether it is for the quality control of herbs, extracts, herbal medicinal products, food supplements and foodstuffs, or for scientific investigations in universities, research institutions, authorities or the pharmaceutical industry – with our primary reference substances in ultra-pure quality, we offer you the right tool for the most varied applications.

Extensive information package

phyproof reference substances are characterised by a defined absolute content, and come to you with a data sheet as well as a detailed certificate of analysis. The data sheet includes information on the structure, total formula, molecular weight, CAS number, storage conditions, handling instructions and safety information. On our analysis certificates, in addition to a description of the general properties, the results of all the identity and purity tests that were carried out are listed. The demonstrated absolute content takes account of the chromatographic purity as well as the content of water, residual solvents and inorganic constituents. The certificate of analysis proves that phyproof reference substances are primary reference substances according to the definition of the European pharmacopoeia and other international institutions. On request, for all reference substances you will also receive a safety data sheet which contains extended safety instructions for handling and transport.

Did you know?

PhytoLab offers you an additional advantage: we weigh out all our reference substances exactly down to two decimals. We thus offer you the opportunity to prepare stock solutions in a defined concentration, directly and without losses, without having to weigh out the reference substance again beforehand. Also, the PhytoLab team for isolating pure substances is continually working on extending the range of substances we offer. When selecting new reference substances, we take account of your requirements as well as the current market demands and regulatory requirements with an eye to the future. Thus, for example, we have currently expanded our portfolio with the addition of numerous furocumarins, pyrrolizidin alkaloids, chlorogenic acid derivatives and stevia constitutents.