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Reference substances for herbal products

As one of the leading manufacturers internationally, PhytoLab offers a broad portfolio of over 1,340 extensively documented herbal reference substances. Our product range reflects the whole diversity of the chemistry of natural substances – from A as in absinthin to Z as in ziyuglycoside, PhytoLab offers you numerous representatives of all classes of natural substances. Within our range, you will also find the herbal reference substances listed in the monographs of the European and American pharmacopoeias.

Services covering all aspects of reference substances

At the same time we act as your partner in the production of primary standard documentation of reference substances for the marketing authorisation of phytopharmaceuticals. On request, we will also isolate and characterise reference substances according to your very specific requirements. Valuable additional information can be found in our web shop and in our current reference substance catalogue, which is also available as a download. undefinedContact us direct!

Our current phyproof® Reference Substance catalogue can be undefineddownloaded here.

If you wish to receive a hardcopy of our phyproof® Reference Substance catalogue please use our catalogue undefinedOrder form

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